About Chiro Ink

Drs. Lee and Heidi Zohn have been practicing chiropractors for the past 14 years. They maintain a practice about 20 minutes North of Boston.

Always fascinated by tattoo art, but too chicken to actually get one, Lee opened Chiro Ink. It seemed to be the next best thing. This is a chiropractic and tattoo inspired clothing line that will start with tee-shirts and expand into other clothing and accessories. We are working with illustrators, a tattoo artist and graphic designers to help us with our vision.

How did you decide to start Chiro Ink?

"There seems to be a shortage of high quality, cool and funky chiropractic clothing out there. I rarely wear anything chiropractic because I simply have not found anything I like. So, we decided to start our own company."

Who is your target customer?
"Right now, it will mostly be chiropractors and people associated with the chiropractic profession that will be buying our shirts. The public may want to buy as well, but right now, it is the chiropractic industry who will find our shirts and other items most appealing. "

How do you come up with ideas?
"I have had these ideas for a while. I decided to put them down on paper. However, the Davenport Tshirt, which is one of our best sellers was thought up by my brother Ethan. "

We need ideas though. If anyone reading this has a shirt that they would like made, please let us know. Ideas, suggestions, comments are a huge help. If your idea becomes part of our line, we will gladly give you a few of them for sure.

What's next for Chiro Ink?
"We have about 20 more designs in the works. We are adding vintage hats, hoodies and infant clothing too. Accessories will be a little later. We love new ideas. If anyone has a shirt they would like made please let us know."

Drs. Lee and Heidi Zohn